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GameKiller 3.11 Apk Android Free

The program requires root privileges to work!
The software through the game's memory data modifications that are running, you can easily modify the game's HP, MP, the number of life etc. parameters.
More similar to the PC platform whole experts (FPE) and Jinshan Ranger modify other games, software support, the British double language, and comes to help, please see the help instructions carefully before use.

The game can be modified:
Theoretically all games, including simulator games can be amended, we tested the mainstream simulator, such as: PS emulator, FC simulator, SFC simulator, GBA emulator games, etc. The basic can be modified successfully.
Can not be modified on the principle of successful online games, online games because the basic data are stored on the server, even if you change a network connection, an update on the data from the server back to the original, so please do not take eight goalkeeper is to toss online games. But some online games may exist that can be modified.
Meizu (FLYME) and millet (MIUI) User Special Note: Due to system limitations all applications using the floating windows, it will lead to eight keeper suspended animation, black and crashes.
Solution: millet (MIUI): Press HOME (small house) key, found eight keeper, a long press of eight keeper icon in floating window will open a new window permission. Meizu (FLYME) (MIUI also applicable): Go to Settings - Applications - find the program (eight keeper device)

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For ROOT Android
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The Dropzone permission to open V3.11 update: perfect support Android 5.0 to amend part bug V3.01 update: Under the amendments to Android 4.x can not enter the landscape of the character bug V3.00 update:
  1. The new search function decimals
  2. Adjust the keyboard is displayed, click on the box to display the keyboard, click elsewhere to hide the keyboard.
  3. No ROOT models will pop up to remind interface and ROOT software available for download.
  4. Fixed some BUG Some features require the purchase registration documents can be used, but do not register can also use eight keeper's almost all the major functions, these functions for ordinary players good enough!

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GameKiller 3.11 Apk Android Free

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